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10 Essential Tips for Effective Property Listings

By: BoxBrownie | July 20, 2023

Want to know how you can make your real estate listings stand out in a competitive market? It’s time to unleash the untapped potential of your property listings. 

With these ten simple tips, you can elevate your listings to new heights with breathtaking visuals and compelling descriptions that leave a lasting impression. These expert tips are effective and so easy to do that you can start creating captivating listings today! Ignite buyer interest and accelerate property sales by learning how to effortlessly transform your listings into irresistible buyer magnets. 

1. Prioritize Professional-Quality Photos  

Invest time in capturing high-quality listing photos. Research by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reveals that 85% of buyers consider listing photos as the primary factor in selecting properties to view. Enhance your photos with an Image Enhancement edit to ensure they capture attention and accurately depict the space. 

2. Capture a Standout Hero Shot  

Grab buyers’ attention with a captivating hero image. Even on gloomy days, you can convert the skies into a romantic dusk setting using a Day to Dusk edit. This powerful imagery can generate more clicks online and help buyers envision living in the property. 

3. Minimize Distractions for Maximum Attraction image editing, item removal

Display a well-presented home by eliminating distractions in your listing photos. Remove everyday clutter, garbage bins, and outdated furniture digitally with an Item Removal edit. Creating a clean and appealing first impression for buyers is crucial to generate interest. 

4. Stage Listings Without Heavy Lifting

Unfurnished or dated properties may not appeal to buyers. Staged houses, on the other hand, sell 75% faster, with 84% selling at or above the asking price. Utilize Virtual Staging to showcase a beautifully furnished home and help buyers connect with the space instantly. 

5. Photograph Properties Early for Faster Listing snapsnapsnap listing photos

If professional photography doesn’t align with your timeline, streamline your workflow with our photo app, SnapSnapSnap. Take high-quality real estate photos yourself using the app, regardless of your photography skills. Submit the photos for editing, including Image Enhancement, Day to Dusk, Item Removal, and Virtual Staging, and receive them back within 24-48 hours. 

6. Motivate Buyers with Persuasive Listing Copy  

According to research conducted by NAR, the property description in a listing ranks as the second most crucial factor for buyers. Our trained copywriters can help you create compelling and emotive real estate listing descriptions that sell. Outsourcing this task ensures a fast turnaround and attracts buyers effectively. If time is a factor, you can get a free property description in seconds with AI Copywriting. 

7. Transform Complex Plans into Clear Floor Plans floor plan  redreaws

Include a beautiful and easy-to-read floor plan in your listing to help potential buyers understand the home’s layout effortlessly. Floor plans rank as the third most important feature for buyers. Our expert editors can transform complex plans or simple sketches into market-ready Floor Plans, eliminating the need for blueprints or unprofessional hand-drawn sketches. 

8. Enable Remote Property Exploration

With buyers browsing through numerous properties, including a virtual tour in your listing helps you stand out and generate more interest. Virtual Tours allow potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home and build an emotional connection, even from a distance. 

9. Present Property Potential with Virtual Renovation virtual renevation

For properties in need of a remodel, showcase their potential through Virtual Renovation. Transform walls, floors, furniture, and décor digitally to help potential buyers visualize the space after a complete remodel.

10. Sell the Unbuilt with 3D Renders

When selling off-plan, use photorealistic Renders to help potential buyers imagine themselves living in a property that hasn’t been constructed yet. By bringing builders’ plans to life, you can seize the opportunity to showcase the home’s potential. 

Master these tips to create successful property listings that leave a lasting impression and drive faster sales. It’s time to unlock the full potential of your listings and seize every opportunity for success in the real estate market. 

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