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2022 Recap: Buzzwords That Sell Homes Faster

Creating an accurate representation of your home is important, but using the right combination of words can sell your home much faster. By: Kyle G. Horst, The MReport, December 16, 2022

Creating an accurate representation of your home when putting it up for sale is paramount for many people, but according to new research from Point2 using the right combination of words can sell your home much faster. 

To conduct their research, Point2 examined roughly 52 million words covering 730,000 properties on their site. 

Space was the top thing buyers looked for in 2022 based top keyword usage. “Room,” “space,” and “open floor plan” were among the top buzzwords that drew buyers in, while the word “garage” was the most-mentioned amenity in listings description across the country. 

Homes that feature a “porch/patio” or “yard” were also more likely boost interest among buyers, continuing a trend that started with during the pandemic, with the word “fireplace” being a common word in $1 million-plus homes. 

When looking at regions, the most used keywords in the Northeast was “full bath,” while the South was “patio/porch,” the Midwest and West regions was “garage.” 

At all price points, the word “storage” was the most important buzzword noted by Point2. For example, homes on the affordable side are more likely to highlight the “great location” and flaunt the places of interest located “within walking distance”, meaning it would reduce or eliminate transportation costs. Conversely, only luxury homes mentioned a “wine cellar” and a “tennis court.” 

Notably, descriptions for ultra-luxury listings ($5 million and more) frequently mentioned “water views” alongside “breathtaking views” and “panoramic views.” Even so, no matter how expensive a home is, the descriptions were also sure to cover the essentials and frequently mentioned “storage” and a “full bath” (more likely an array of full baths). 


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