Communication Is Key

If you can answer YES to any of these questions,
please contact your Escrow Officer.

  • Are your principals using a Power of Attorney? Is it specific to the property?
  • Are any of the parties in title incapacitated or deceased?
  • Has a change in marital status occurred for any of the principals?
  • Is the property now vested or will the property be transferred to a new trust, partnership, corporation, or LLC?
  • Is this a short sale?
  • Is the Seller planning on bringing funds to a close?
  • Do the parties reside out of state?
  • Are the parties planning any upcoming vacations or other travels during the course of this transaction?
  • Is there a rental or lease agreement?
  • Is there a mobile home on the property?
  • Is there an active homeowners association (HOA) where dues are collected?
  • Is one of the parties responsible for child/spousal support?
  • Are the parties involved in a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or IRS notices?