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If you need an Earnest Money delivery option that doesn’t require writing, scanning, or delivering checks, then consider First American Title Company’s EMTransfer solution. EMTransfer is the better way for Title & Escrow, Real Estate Attorneys, and Real Estate Brokerages to collect and disburse funds in a real estate transaction. It’s safe, secure, convenient, and FREE for First American Title Company transactions.

Using EMTransfer, all of the parties – agents, buyers, sellers, coordinators, and escrow teams – will enjoy an intuitive user experience to set up electronic fund transfers, securely collect bank account information, and executive the debit/credit to the client’s bank account. The money will flow directly to and from the trust account without going through a third-party processor, ensuring that the trust account holder’s financial institution is involved in the movement of the funds.

EMTransfer is better because we “don’t touch the money.” EMTransfer is not a third-party processor, ensuring your company remains compliant with your governing authorities.

There are no limitations with regards to the types of money you can move with EMTransfer. You can collect Earnest Money or Cash to Close and at funding time, you can disburse the Seller’s proceeds and agent’s commissions.

EMTransfer is your one-stop service for everything related to moving money. This includes sending wiring instructions to clients securely. EMTransfer employs the security protocols that you’ve come to expect: MFA, Encryption, and Dual Authorization.

Signing up is quick, easy, and free. And your team here at First American Title Company is here to help if you need it. Just email us at

For more information and to register, visit the EMTransfer information page.

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