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Up Your Review and Referral Game

As more of the market is dominated by Millennial and Gen Z clients, reviews and referrals play an important role in lead generation. These consumers place a high value on first-hand client experiences when making choices. Referrals are also crucial to lead generation, providing an impactful opportunity to leverage word-of-mouth marketing to build your business.

Google Business Reviews

Now is the time to reach out to past clients and boost your ratings. Potential clients often make Google reviews their first stop when vetting your business, so ensuring your reviews accurately reflect your services and skills should be a priority.

Add testimonial videos to your website and social media platforms, or record personalized welcome videos to send to referral clients. Video content is red hot right now and is a surefire way to stand out and generate interest.

Dig into Social Media

If you haven’t already built a strong community on social media, you are missing out! But it’s not too late to start building engagement with consumers. Social media is your platform to develop relationships and rapport with potential clients while staying connected with previous ones.

Invest in Thought Leadership

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for your real estate know-how. With the demographic data available on LinkedIn, it’s easy to create tailored, valuable content for your followers. According to LinkedIn, only 1% to 2% of its users post content—meaning consistent sharing and production will boost engagement.

Personal Connections

Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are the places to build a more personal connection with potential clients. Commit yourself to creating more content spanning all aspects of you and your business: show off listings, keep informational content coming, and throw in a bit of personality. Remember to be authentic!

Lead generation tactics don’t have to be costly or time-consuming, just commit yourself to utilize these resources to get more out of your business today. These are just a few, simple ways to increase your lead generation potential and set yourself up for success.

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